Is English Easy to Learn?

July 21st, 2010

Is it easy to learn?

My last post proposed one of my theories as to why people think a language as crazy and irregular as English is easy to learn.

My idea, coming from my experience teaching at the Lake Tahoe Institute of English, not research, is that nearly everyone can find many, many words or phrases that they already know.  English is a huge conglomeration of many languages, so there is something in it for everyone.  Plus, English words and phrases have flowed around the world, and have become standard in nearly every language on earth.

An exuberant language.

My second theory is also based solely on my experience at the Lake Tahoe Institute of English.  My theory is that English is a very exuberant, inventive language.  It loves to borrow a good word or phrase, and it loves to make up new ones.  It is flexible, lively,varied, and immensely forgiving.  It’s a crazy language.  How can people not love that?

Many of my clients at the Lake Tahoe Institute of English have mentioned that they prefer to read in English.  They have told me that they feel things are more precisely explained in English, and that they understand concepts better in English.

I suppose that could be because Americans in particular, and English speakers in general, are more verbose than speakers of other languages.  We just write more, perhaps, so there is more to read on any particular topic.

I could also be that English has more words in common usage than other languages (a fact), so has more ways to explain an idea.  We can drill down deeper in English, perhaps, and we can perhaps explain a bit more colorfully in English, which just might make for a more interesting read.

Comments, please.

I would love readers’ comments as to why they think English is easy to learn.

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