How NOT to Learn a Language

June 20th, 2010

Making Videos of Teaching Philosophy

Last year Kim and I made several videos for the Lake Tahoe Institute of English, so that potential clients could see us, listen to us, hopefully feel more comfortable with us, and also to explain some of our philosophy of teaching and learning languages. 

Let me tell you, making a video is not as easy as it sounds, at least for me.  It was a very humbling experience.   An actor I will never be.  If I seem so unnatural just being myself, I doubt if I could ever follow a script. 

How NOT to Learn a Language

So, forgive me that I am not an actor, but, if you are interested in some of my ideas about language learning, just click on this link:  How NOT to Learn a Language.  I hope you enjoy it, and learn a bit more about the Lake Tahoe Institute of English.

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