The Global Imperative

March 31st, 2010

New Opportunities

The current worldwide economic crisis has changed things in many, many ways, some of which will not be apparent for years.  Of course all kinds of businesses around the globe have been very hard hit by the crisis.  Many have closed their doors for good, but many have also discovered new opportunities for themselves where they didn’t know they existed before.

The very best of businesses will be thinking both outside and inside the box about what their capabilities are, and what new places they can take their skills and products. The global economic recovery is going to require a new kind of entrepreneurism, a new kind of thinking, and that new thinking is most likely going to be some kind of global venture.

In the United States, most start-ups, both large and small, including this one, now rely on the international market.  Start-ups around the world will also be most likely to be global in nature, either as the originator of a service or product, or as a supplier to an originator.

The International Language

Increasingly, English has become the language of international business.  It is imperative that people from all parts of the world can speak to each other, understand each other, and negotiate with each other in one common language.  English is now that language.

Here at the Lake Tahoe Institute of English we have many clients who come to us from international companies.  They regularly have to communicate with others within their own companies who speak many different languages natively and who are located in all parts of the world.  Most communication is done through email or by telephone, with occasional international conferences.  All of it is done in English.

These days, most young people from around the world who are fortunate enough to attend a good private school speak very good English.  In the future, when they have risen to the top levels of their companies, communication will be easy.  However, in these times, not everyone has been so fortunate.  Not everyone who needs to speak English has had the opportunity to learn when they were young.  And this is a big problem.  And an even bigger problem is that the majority of international communication is by either telephone or email, the two most terrifying aspects of communication in another language.

We Can’t Stand Still

With a new global economy, with most business start-ups being international in nature in one way or another, nearly every business person needs to become competent in English.  This won’t be easy for many people.  But it must be done.  None of us can afford to stand still.  If we want to thrive, we have to keep moving forward.

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