Double Your English Language Immersion

December 10th, 2009

On the Cutting Edge

Most of our clients come to us at the Lake Tahoe Institute of English wanting to read better in English, as well as speak better English.  With English being the international language of business, and often of cutting edge technology, any business person who wants to be out ahead of competitors must learn to read English well.  If you want your business to be on the cutting edge, then you have to be able to read the most cutting edge materials and ideas when they are first published.

Increase Your Reading and Speaking Ability at the Same Time

Here’s an idea to help you keep up on the newest ideas while increasing your abilities at the same time:  Many general business books are now distributed in an audio version at the same time they are published, or soon thereafter.  Buy both the book and the audio version.  Listen to the audio version as you read along.  Read and listen to one chapter at a time.  Then, go back and repeat the chapter.  Do it several times until you are able to understand 80 to 90 percent of what you are hearing and reading.

Engage More Than One Sense at a Time

Research tells us that engaging more than one sense at a time while learning will significantly increase learning and decrease the time needed to learn.  So, both reading and listening to the same words at the same time will enhance your ability to understand both the written and spoken word. 

It is really important, though, not to stretch your ability too far.  If you take on something that is far beyond your ability to understand, it will be frustrating to you, and you will not learn as much.  Better to try something fairly simple at first, and increase the level of difficulty as you find your comprehension improving.

Here’s another thought, but I have not actually tried it myself.  I would love feedback from someone who has.

I know people who have purchased the Kindle from, and who love reading with it.  They have over 350,000 titles available, and most are available internationally.  You can download just about anything.  They also have audio books available.  This might be a great solution for people wanting to read or listen to the latest books, but who have some difficulty obtaining the books at home.

And, here’s another thing with Kindle that sounds very cool.  They have what they call a Read-to-Me feature that can be activated with any book or English-language newspaper, magazine or blog that they publish.  Apparently, you can turn this feature on at any time while reading, and have it read to you.  You can also speed up or slow down the speech.  It sounds great, doesn’t it?  Has anyone used it, and can you tell us how well it works?

3 Responses to “Double Your English Language Immersion”

  1. I was reading on something similar, it would be nice to see more major players in the industry following Apple’s example, especially on mobile devices there is no need anymore for Flash.

  2. Thank you for the good post, but can you tell me how would you suggest digitizing books onto the Kindle for your own uses? Thanks and have a great day!

  3. I am really impressed by the way that you write, and the subject is excellent. But can you post a link where I can find out how to get SSH working on the Kindle 2? I

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